Code of Conduct

BELGOIRIN is committed to carrying out its business in a sustainable way, through conducting business with integrity and in compliance with the local laws and regulations governing its business. BELGOIRIN is committed to respect human rights, promote fair employment practices, work to protect the environment and to oppose corruption.

BELGOIRIN Code of Conduct is named Good Business Behaviour and is part of the BELGOIRIN Standards. It has been adopted to emphasize the above principles by which the Group conducts its relations with employees, business partners and other stakeholders. It applies to all members of the Board of Directors, and all employed by the BELGOIRIN

BELGOIRIN is committed to demonstrating a high standard of integrity and corporate social responsibility worldwide.

We commit to behave ethically and contribute to economic and environmental development globally and locally by implementing and communicating ethical standards at our workplace and complying with international norms, the UN Global Compact and universal principles of human rights, labour, environment and anti-corruption.

BELGOIRIN has integrated the UN Global Compact´s ten principles into the BELGOIRIN Standards. BELGOIRIN is part of UN Global Compact’s vision of a sustainable and inclusive global economy, which delivers lasting benefits to people, communities, and markets. Our annual CSR Report includes l Communication on Progress (COP) and is shared with our stakeholders using our primary channels of communication.